Hi, I’m Josh Emerson and I make websites.

I’m a front-end developer at zeebox who specialises in creating responsive websites which adapt to work on all devices, regardless of capabilities.

Although the term “UX” has become much of a buzzword recently, I strongly feel that an emphasis on usability and user needs ensure that digital products are well designed, meaningful and impactful to users. I work in close collaboration with UX professionals in order to ensure that a user centered approach to design is applied throughout all phases of the design process, from conception through to realisation and iteration. One of my main areas of focus is in the front end performance of websites. The performance of a website is one of the most important factors for creating a positive user experience, and yet it is often neglected.

In addition to meeting user needs and ensuring that the website can be accessed by any mechanism, I ensure that the code produced for websites is modular, reusable and maintainable.

Before working at zeebox I worked for Clearleft